Picking and fishing in Lozere

Fishing at Villefort lake in Lozère or by the river, what could be more natural !

Opening of fishing in Villefort from February 20 to October 31, 2021 Except for brown trout and cristivomer: from March 13 to September 29

And yes Villefort en Cévennes is classified as a green resort and is one of the most beautiful fishing spots in France. Brown trout, rainbow trout, Cristivomer, Goujon and also minnow to carry hooks in an exceptional setting. Fisching addict to your rods and reels !

pêche en Lozère

Villefort and its territory: the land of springs

And if we were talking about the Villefort lake, a large mountain lake high-place of record for trout fishing in Lozère, but not only. Lac de Villefort, also known as Lac de Bayard, name of the village engulfed by the creation of an artificial water body of 130 hectares, inaugurated in 1964, classified blue flag for many years. It has become a strategic point for trout fishing as well as tourist and sports activities in Lozère.
it has also been the subject of numerous adjustments in recent years through the investment of our local elected officials. Always invested in making villefort a respectful tourist destination that also protects the environment with an exceptional living environment.

The fishing house “Accueil Pêche et Nature Villefort” opened in 2010 welcomes fishermen for advice but also for the Regulation of fishing in Lozère. There you will find the Sale of Fishing Cards for the day or more, as well as the Boat rental.

Stop by to see the photos above the bar, of record trout catches in Villefort. But also obtain the contact details of the company of Lozère fishing guides, passionate professionals ready to show you the tips and tricks and techniques of fishing in Lozère.

The Villefort lake marina with its slipway can accommodate fishing boats and motor boats on site. As well as sailboats. You can also rent electric boats for fishing on the Villefort lake. A large free car park provides access to the lake with disabled access.

The Chassezac river

Discover the rocky granite outcrops of Chassezac. Classified as a tourist unit in the countryside, often considered one of the most fish-rich in France, Chassezac. it runs for 80 kilometers, originates in the east of MENDE “prefecture of Lozère” at an altitude of 1,500 meters. It crosses the territory of Villefort from west to east. It winds through Chasserades passing by Prévenchères. It feeds the artificial lake of Rachas, created by the dam of the same name, up to Pied de Borne.

Its canyon of 7 kilometers and 400 meters of vertical drop, one of the largest in France and also spot canyons. Our service provider, Grandeur Nature, can accompany you to discover the chassezac canyon. The canyon takes root in the medieval Guard Guerin village, classified as the most beautiful village in France. Meet at the Guérin Guard belvedere which offers an exceptional view of the Chassezac canyon before it plunges into the Ardèche department. By its diversity, it allows fishermen many practices and techniques of trout fishing in Lozère.

Further downstream The Chassezac, used by many canoe enthusiasts, but also Rando-raft which seeks the exceptional quality of its waters and landscapes. For a descent of several kilometers, several canoe rental companies are at your disposal. Hydroelectric dams regulate and maintain optimum water levels for these activities before heading out to the Mediterranean.


The Altier has its source at Mont Lozère at an altitude of 1,600 meters, near the Col de Finiels. Certainly one of the most beautiful point of view of Lozère in the heart of the Cévennes national park. It travels from West to East for 30 kilometers our territory. It supplies Lake Villefort to reach the foot of the terminal.

La Borne

La Borne has its source in the village that bears its name in Ardèche. It joins by crossing our territory through these 35 kilometers: Pied de Borne, the foot of the terminal, is a bathing place with a natural slide and also a natural swimming pool very popular with our customers.

The river: La Palhère, La Cèze

the Palhère, which separates the village from Villefort as well as the Cèze, will also be river banks suitable for fishing by the water.

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Located in the South-East of Lozère, bordering Gard and Ardèche. The region offers you a great diversity of activities and many sites to visit.