Walks and hikes in the Cevennes

Many hikes through Villefort in the Cévennes

A day trip or more, there is something for everyone. You can find at the reception of the campsite and the residence hiking sheets. But also at the tourism office Villefort.

Hiking example :

You leave the campsite, direction Villefort station. You take the train from Villefort to climb La Bastide, you admire the surroundings, arrive at La Bastide a fabulous walk awaits you. The GR 700, you will pass through different landscapes throughout your day walking, to arrive again in Villefort. But many other hikes or walks are also possible, hiking and swimming can be combined for example.

Many hiking trails pass through our holiday village, camping, cottage, residence: GR 68, GR72, GR700, GR44, the tour of Lake Villefort, the tour of Mont Lozère…

17 hikes around Villefort

Hiking and mountain biking of the Mas de la Barque

Le Chemin de Régordane

Randonnée voie regordne

A path, a path, but also a link between several monuments classified as World Heritage by Unesco. You will discover the cathedral of Puy en Velay, villages among “The most beautiful in France”, but also the arenas of Nîmes, the abbey of Saint Gilles or the landscapes of the Cévennes.

The Chemin de Régordane is in itself an inexhaustible reservoir of emotions, commitments, passions, qualities that are still essential today for undertaking new projects…

Between the Massif Central and the Mediterranean, from Puy-en-Velay to Saint Gilles-du-Gard, in the Petite Camargue, the Régordane path crosses, throughout the 240 kilometers of the route: 2 regions (Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region Occitanie – Pyrenees – Mediterranean region) and also 3 departments (Haute Loire, Lozère and Gard).

Whether in the land of volcanoes, in the Cévennes or on the shores of the Mediterranean coast. The path offers each hiker. A stay rich in a cultural and also natural offer, whether for 5, 6 or even 10 days…

A stay to prepare, being able to combine pedestrian discoveries and transfers, of course by road, but above all by rail (Cévennes line) for even more facilities…

The Régordane path – GR700 approved route – is a thousand-year-old path of pilgrimage and exchanges that invites you to walk through history. But also to discover the people and the landscapes they have shaped. Throughout six territories. the Pays Vellave, the Gévaudan, the Mont Lozère, the Cévennes, the garrigues and the Costières Nîmoises, as well as the Camargue, for example…

Its name, whose origin remains a mystery, has been associated since 1995 with the concept of Tolerance based on cultural diversity and sponsored by UNESCO.

A path of merchants and also of muleteers, it is the “Régourdans” who walk it and carry sheets, wine, salt and other goods from Languedoc to Puy. By this route of transhumance, lined with dolmens, rock inscriptions and still mysterious messages.

Sacred path for pilgrims who go to the tomb of Saint Gilles but also to the black virgin of Puy. Connected to the roads of Saint Jacques de Compostelle by the via Podiensis (GR65, in Puy-en-Velay) and the via Tolosana (GR653, in Saint-Gilles). The path is thus marked out by a chain of hospitals and sickness centers of which Pradelles preserves one of the last four vestiges still standing in Europe, for example.

Many are also those who take the path to prepare the first crusade: Pope Urban V, Adhémar de Monteils, but also the bishop of Puy-en-Velay and the papal legate or Raymond de Saint Gilles.

The route is at the heart of the great movements of medieval history.

The Régordane route is also an epic route symbolized by the Arvernes route taken by César to cross the Cévennes. Or again through the theater of the exploits of William of Orange delivering Nîmes from the Saracens, recounted in one of Geste’s oldest songs: Le Charroi de Nîmes.

It is also by following this storytelling path that the hiker will follow in the footsteps of several writers and storytellers such as Alphonse Daudet or Sergei Prokofiev.

But also a path of freedoms, for a path carrying the successive questioning of the Roman Church. Aranism, Catharism, Protestantism. Or the struggles for Freedom of Conscience and Human Rights. With Rabaut Saint Etienne, pastor Nîmois and the Marquis de Lafayette, for example. Without forgetting the struggles of the Camisards or those of the resistance fighters more recently during the Second World War. Or Cévennes minors, to conquer social rights.
The Régordane path is rich in an exceptional historical and natural heritage.

Through multiple signs of power, spirituality, the world of work, landscapes, tales and legends. Through the history of people, famous but also unknown, registered in these six territories. It is about better understanding cultural diversity, the contributions of civilizations, the slow conquest of Human Rights…

By fostering a new dialogue, it is about seeking, together, the meanings that are necessary for us today…

Join the Rigourdans…


Located in the South-East of Lozère, bordering Gard and Ardèche. The region offers you a great diversity of activities and many sites to visit.